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Recruitment FAQ’s and Tips

Recruitment FAQ’s and Tips

How Does Recruitment Work?

Recruitment is done through a Thursday through Monday mutual selection process. The schedule of recruitment is as follows:


Here you will be able to get more information on what your weekend will be like. You will have the chance to briefly talk to all 8 chapters before a small presentation on what you can expect from the weekend, as well as what to wear each day. You will also get to meet your recruitment counselors who will be your guides throughout the process. You can go to them at any time to ask questions or express concerns.

Round 1 of Recruitment: Open House

On Round 1 you will have the opportunity to meet all 8 chapters! Throughout the day you will get a better idea as to what each chapter’s values are so that you are able to align yourself with those that you believe you share common values with. You will travel in small groups with your recruitment counselors for the entirety of Day 1. 

Round 2 of Recruitment: Philanthropy Day

On Round 2 you will have the ability to visit up to 5 chapters and learn about their individual philanthropies and other service events that they take part in.  You’ll have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the core values each chapter prides itself on, while also seeing the service they do for the national philanthropies, as well as our local community. 

Round 3 of Recruitment: Preference Day 

Round 3 is the final day of recruitment! You will have the chance to visit a maximum of 2 chapters and here you will learn some of the more sacred aspects and values of each chapter and why their members are so proud to call it home. 

Bid Day!

Congratulations, you’re now a member of the Mason Panhellenic Community! On this day, you receive your bid and celebrate with your new sisters!

How long is each day during recruitment?

Every day of recruitment is different! The first round will consist of eight 30-minute parties, the second round will be five 45-minute parties and the last round will be two hour-long parties. There will be breaks in between each party. More on the specifics of each day will be answered during orientation and you will have the ability to talk to your recruitment counselor about any time conflicts you may have. 

What if I am going to be absent for one of the days of recruitment?

Please let your recruitment counselor know during orientation and she will give you a form to fill out. If you can’t make it to the orientation you may email

What do I wear?

Each day of recruitment has its own dress code that will be covered more in the presentation during orientation. For Round 1, you will dress in casual attire. For Rounds 2 and 3 you should wear business casual. Your recruitment counselors will go over this with you before each day and can answer any questions you may have about outfits. 

When can I join a sorority?

Any undergraduate student on George Mason’s campus is eligible to register and go through recruitment regardless of age!

Does everyone get a bid?

Any woman who goes through the process of recruitment is not guaranteed bid. As mentioned above in the answer for “How does recruitment work?”, recruitment is a mutual selection process both the chapters and women going through recruitment must select one another.

What is the new member process like?

The new member process differs between all seven sororities on campus. In our chapters here on campus, it is an enjoyable process where each individual new member has the opportunity to meet the sisters of their chapter, meet their fellow new members, and learn more about the history and values of that chapter.

What is the policy on hazing?

George Mason University, as well as all eight Panhellenic sororities on campus, have a zero tolerance policy for hazing.

What is a Recruitment Counselor?

A Recruitment Counselor is a woman who is a member of one of the eight sororities on campus. She is disaffiliated or not recognized as a member of her chapter during this period of time in order to ensure an unbiased recruitment experience for the women participating in formal recruitment. A Recruitment Counselor has gone through extensive training on how to better counsel the women going through the recruitment process to help guide them in making a decision on the chapter that they feel most at home in.

What is a Legacy?

A legacy is a descendant of an alumnus from that sorority. This means that someone (mother, grandmother, sister) in a woman’s family was previously a sister of that sorority. However the qualifications of a legacy differs from chapter to chapter.

Didn’t see the answer to your question?

Many other girls probably have the same question, feel free to contact any member of the executive board, or submit a question on the contact us section of our site!


  • Attend some pre-recruitment events to meet our chapters in a less formal process. Unlike previous years, most of these events held will be virtual. However, we are still committed to making sure that our potential new members get to know as much about our community as they can before Formal Recruitment. For most updated information on pre-recruitment events, follow @masonpanhellenic on Instagram. 
  • During formal recruitment ask questions! You are interviewing the chapters to discover which one you feel most at home in, so learn as much as you can about their sisters and their values.
  • During the weekend of recruitment, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • Be honest about yourself and what values you are looking for most in your chapter.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself such as your past school experiences or your extracurricular involvement or leadership.
  • Have an open mind, don’t set your sights on one specific chapter, you never know which sisters you may fit in with best!
  • Make your own decisions. Don’t feel pressured by your roommate, your older sister, your mother, etc. pick the sorority you love the most.