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Lucy Clarke

Lucy Clarke

Lucy Clarke

Zeta Tau Alpha, Fall 2019.

BS in Business with a concentration in Management

In-state, off-campus, commuter student.

“As a commuter student who lived 30 minutes away from campus, I was extremely lonely when I had gaps in between my classes. I would go to the JC Library, Fenwick, or just find an empty table in the JC and listen to music or do homework. While I did meet girls in some of my classes, they had already established friend groups because they lived on campus and were experiencing social interactions in places that I wasn’t going to dorms and dining halls. I looked into joining a sorority because I wanted to meet girls, connect to GMU a little more, and have that home away from home.

Clarke (right) pictured with one of her ZTA sisters.

Going through formal recruitment as a freshman was really nerve-racking because I knew nothing about sororities. I was scared that I wouldn’t be accepted for who I am because I heard every stereotype imaginable about sorority girls. Fortunately, I’m super happy that I went through recruitment because I found what I was looking for: Zeta Tau Alpha is my home.

Zeta gave me my best friends, my lovely big, my littles, a deeper love for breast cancer education & awareness, and a sense of belonging on campus. Zeta is a sisterhood. Individual and collective achievements never go unnoticed, sisters encourage other sisters to break out of their shells to try new things, and the bonds we have created with each other are ultimately stronger because of this.”

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